Hi, I am Anuran Barman, a passionate Software Engineer from Bangalore,India. I love to hack and break things. I have been doing programming since 10th grade and I am really passionate about this. I started my programming journey with HTML,CSS and JavaScript. Then I learnt PHP and tried to make a ecommerce website seeing youtube videos. Aaah, good old days. Currently I am into iOS Development and working in a startup called WiZN Systems Pvt Ltd here in Bangalore for the same domain. Beside that, I am highly active in Web Development also, especially in NodeJS and Golang. Don’t judge me for my love for JavaScript though.

Every other technology makes me excited. Each and Every, from Firmware to Machine Learning. I do programming not because I have to earn money, I do because I love it from the Deepest code of my Heart.

When I am not coding, I love to watch Netflix. I love roaming around with my KTM in this beautiful city Bangalore. I am PC Games fan also, a great one to be honest.